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Pickett’s Mill – May 27, 1864

On this date in May 1864, the “veterans” of Granbury’s Texas Infantry Brigade had just completed a rapid march from the far left of the army to a point beyond the far right; where a large force of the enemy had begun to move forward against what their officers hoped would be an enemy flank in the air.”  Hardly had this diminutive brigade of Texans reached the field, with no time to build works of any kind, that seven Union infantry brigades made an all-out assault on their position.  A soldier in the 10th Confederate Cavalry, Posey Hamilton advised that when retiring before the enemy out front, “we crossed over Granbury’s soldiers. They said to us, ‘Are they coming boys?’ I replied that they were . . . would be there in a few minutes, to which they responded: ‘Let them come; we are here, and here to stay.”  The enemy, coming within steps of the “veteran Texians,” then began to shout: “By damn you, we’ve caught you without your logs (breastworks) now;” demanding the brigade to surrender.  The Texans continued to fire despite the great odds faced until the enemy sullenly withdrew from their front, but remained so close in front of Granbury’s line at nightfall as to require the most unusual reaction: A nighttime bayonet assault had to then be launched by the Texans to clear their precarious front.  On this day, May 27th, American veterans fought for what they believed to be a just cause, and are worthy of our homage to their sacrifices, as we would show respect for any other veteran today! [Posey Hamilton, 10th Confederate Cavalry, in “Confederate Veteran, XXX, (1922), 338.